Taken to the cleaners

About the book

A Miles Furlong mystery. Things happen to Miles, an ex-art curator, ex-football star with a past. Enter the enigmatic Mr Ng on a mission, and Miles is whisked to Sydney with bodies accumulating and secrets to be unveiled against a background of the art world, rare books and not so rare antiques.

"The dialogue suggests Elmore Leonard - smart-arse humour, particularly impressive." - Graham Beattie

About the author

Morgan Jones, an award-winning sculptor and art historian, knows the Australasian and international arts scene well, and is constantly amused by its pretensions and intrigues. Miles Furlong is his alter ego.


Introducing Miles Furlong in the finest traditions of the laconic private eye.

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Paperback: 306 pages

ISBN: 9780908561728

Price: $24.95