About the book

Most politicians lose their sense of humour when they are elected, and take themselves far too seriously until voters kick them off their parliamentary pedestals. Veteran journalist, David Barber, who has watched them perform in more than 50 countries, and well known cartoonist Bob Brockie, who has been sending them up for years in The National Business Review, combine here to present this irreverent look at political life.

'One swallow does not make a summer, and one turkey does not make a Leader of the Opposition.'

David Lange, when Prime Minister of New Zealand

'I'm half Scot, I'm half Maori. There's nobody perfect.'

Winston Peters, New Zealand First party leader

'One day the Don't Knows will get in, and then where will we be?'

British comedian Spike Milligan

About the author

David Barber's sense of humour has survived reporting the world as a foreign correspondent and covering 11 New Zealand Prime Ministers. Now a freelance journalist he has written for newspapers in Britain, the United States, Hong Kong and Australia. He previously compiled Gliding on the Lino - The Wit of David Lange ( 1987).

Bob Brockie is a cartoonist, scientist, columnist and graphic artist. And specialises in political satire. He is a member of New Zealand Skeptics.


A satirical look at political life with quotations, caricatures and cartoons.