The Family AlbumAbout the book

Why the old house in the bush so scary? Why are their gaps in the family album? And who is the girl whose voice from the past tugs at Anna, seeming to say something about what is happening now?

Anna confronts these questions when her mother exiles her so she can help her grandmother and uncle pack up the old family home on the West Coast.

But that means Anna must leave her best friend, Chris, who is pregnant. Will she or won't she have the baby? With Anna away, who will Chris talk to? And then Anna meets Jamie. He's different. Or is he? And all the time something seems to link the past with the present.

About the author

Helen Beaglehole became an established writer with Two Tigers , shortlisted in the 1994 Aim Children's Book Awards, and Strange Company, 1996, both for younger readers. Helen lives in Wellington.

Summary :The Family Album is a fascinating novel about families and relationships.

Also by Helen Beaglehole
Strange Company

Strange Company

Author: Helen Beaglehole

Paperback: 190 mm x 130 mm

Pages: 124

Publisher: Cape Catley Ltd

Language: English

ISBN: 9780908561483

Date of publication: April 1996

Price: $14.99

Children & Young Adult