About the book

Firefighter is the extraordinary life of Auckland firefighter Royd Kennedy, whose heroism made headlines round the world when he crawled under a blazing oil tanker in Manukau City to rescue a young girl trapped in the inferno.

Without self pity in a 'tell it like it is' language. Firefighter is crammed with humour as Kennedy writes first of coping with an alcoholic father and an abusive stepfather and then of a life where incident piles on incident. Surprisingly candid and exulting in danger the book is also the inside story of the making of a firefighter and of the changes he now sees necessary to the job.

About the author

Royd Kennedy is a no-nonsense man, tough on himself and with the courage of his convictions. A controversial figure, he never shrinks from speaking the truth as he sees it.


The inside story of the making of a firefighter.