The gospel @ccording to Cole

About the book

Seduced by the quick, easy intimacy of email, Rebecca finds herself swimming in deep uncharted waters as a relationship develops across the ether. This fresh, warm and topical first novel is funny and poignant in turn, with suspense, and highly believable. A story about different kinds of love, the shadow of obsession and a journey of self-discovery and knowledge.

About the author

Rhonda Bartle is a novelist, journalist and columnist and won the 1999 BNZ Katherine Mansfield Award with her short story, Greenwich Mean Time, adapted from part of this novel. She is widely published and broad cast, and blesses the advent of email because writing is such isolated work. 'Email becomes the social equivalent of the office smoko, having coffee with your colleagues or a beer with your mates.'


What happens when a relationship develops unexpectedly through email?