Jigsaw Chronicles


About the book

Deep within our everyday lives are existences that might be possible. They seem to wait only for a decisive change of circumstance or imagination to become reality. Brook is a lawyer - secure, modest and comfortable - a man without huge expectations or ambitions. Then one day he enters a misty doorway into a world which the Russian revolutionary Trotsky has transformed into perpetual revolution - a totalitarian world stripped of every luxury and advantage. At first Brook believes this wrecked version of his life to be a fake, then gradually he understands that he has merely imagined his former condition, that his name is Johnny and that this is the way that things truly are. As Johnny struggles to reassemble and record an authentic history of himself and his world, he must confront events that move suddenly to exterminate him and the millions he dwells among.

About the author

A poet, fiction writer and librettist, Kevin Ireland grew up in Auckland. He lived in England for 25 years, though he has consistently identified himself as a New Zealand poet. He has published numerous collections of poetry and his first book of prose was released in 1995, followed by his first novel in 1996. He was awarded an OBE for services to literature, and received a Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in 2004.


Science fiction looking at worlds within worlds. A poet brings his special vision.



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