About the book

Jeanette Aplin's The Lighthouse Children's Mother is the long-awaited sequel to her popular story of life on Stephens Island.


Here the author takes readers into a world now gone forever, the isolated life on a remote lighthouse this time in the far south, Dog Island in Foveaux Strait. Many things are much the same in families everywhere, but the extra challenges of lighthouse life will set parents thinking - how would we ourselves have coped?


Jeanette Aplin writes with charm and disarming honesty about island relationships, bringing her perceptive eye to what is truly different in her unusual circumstances .

About the author

Jeanette Aplin now lives with her husband Pip on D'Urville Island. On her own most of the time while Pip works on the mainland, Jeanette deals with rampaging wild pigs, friends anchoring offshore with crayfish for supper, looking after or her kunekune pigs - and the rest of daily life.


Sequel to Jeanette Aplin's popular story of life on Stephens Island

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