About the book

Migraine Control - The Food Connection has grown out of the work author Barbara Mountier has done to help herself and many others. In New Zealand alone there are said to be some 200,000 people who suffer from migraine, and a Migraine Awareness Week is now being held.

A migraine sufferer herself as a child, and again from her early 40s, Barbara Mountier began to realise that many foods can act as triggers for different people. Red wine, cheese and chocolate are extensively known as 'danger' foods for some people. Much less known is that almost any food can, for some, set off the agony of a migraine attack. Migraine Control , the first book of its kind, tells how to do your own detective work. Barbara Mountier has thoroughly researched the widely dispersed literature on food allergies and food chemical intolerance in relation to migraine. She has listened, learned and experimented. In discovering how to help herself she has brought together so many ways in which sufferers can reduce and control attacks of migraine - their frequency, intensity and duration - or even eliminate them altogether.

About the author

Barbara Mountier is the co-ordinator of the Kapiti Migraine Support Group where she takes great pleasure in the progress and successes which this group experiences. A former secondary school teacher of English and music, and a founder and past president of the Mana Parents Centre, she is particularly interested in issues of peace and social justice.


This practical and compassionate book is clear and easily followed, and exciting in its step-by-step suggestions for escaping the misery of migraine.