About the book

Annabel's parents are killed in a road accident and she is adopted by her aunt and husband, the awful - and only too believable - principal of a big secondary school. They already have a beautiful daughter, Goldie, the same age as Annabel and they unwittingly and with self-congratulations 'pick up the pieces'.

Now 10 years later when the girls are 16, Annabel desperately searches for the love and identity she used to have. Goldie copes with the neglect, and worse, in a frightening way. Meanwhile their once innocent basement playroom has 'turned into a time bomb.'

About the author

Heather Marshall is a fiction writer, moving dexterously between literature for adults and young adults. Her writing is often focused on the lives of girls and women, set against historical events in New Zealand. Her fiction has been extensively adapted for radio broadcast.


This story of teenage students caught in a home without love will speak to a wide range of readers.

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What Happened That Night

What Happened That Night

Author: Heather Marshall

Paperback:198 mm x 130 mm

Pages: 154

ISBN: 9780908561452

Date of publication: August 1995

Price: $14.99

Children & Young Adult