Seventy-something acres

About the book

Seventy-Something Acres is a rip-roaring humdinger of a book, zigzagging between New Zealand and the United States. As the author struggles to turn this long abandoned land into a real working farm, the book lurches from crisis to crisis.

Somehow most are resolved although the cast of extraordinary people, horses and other animals continues to produce continuing predicaments.

It's a book full of horse lore and sound horse sense but it is much more than that. Wide-ranging and with surprising insights into people and places including China and the remote back-country of New Zealand, it is a heartening story of courage, enterprise and the will to win through.

About the author

Elizabeth Benney - 'Call me Liz'- grew up in New Plymouth and in girlhood became obsessed with horses. Her vision of a horse farm, however, wasn't just the usual romantic dream. She became a top rider, going on to be both competitor and judge in the US when she and her New Zealand husband - 'my Rock of Gilbraltar' - went to live in Massachusetts.


A New Zealand-American story of the effort and fun of turning land into a real working horse farm.

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