Author, Bernard Brown

About the book

Bernard Brown, who says he still 'professes law at the University of Auckland', has been unofficially voted New Zealand lawyers' most antic lecturer. He has been close to the pulses of law reform, literature and politics in New Zealand since 1962.

He is (sensibly) far from claiming that Sensible Sinning is the result, but he has taught law to many upper echelon judges and QCs, and politicians ranging from David Lange to Winston Peters, Richard Prebble to Doug Graham.

Sensible Sinning is a semi-autobiographical account in sardonic sketches, sharp poetical commentary and pertinent short stories, the latter clearly labelled fiction (to avoid legal action). They span seven decades of a remarkable life in England, Malaya, Singapore, New Guinea and, since 1962, New Zealand.

About the author

One of the country's best legal minds, Bernard Brown has taught law to many of New Zealand's leading legal and political practitioners. His books include Fashion of Law in New Guinea, Crime and the Law, Unspeakable Practices, and the verse collections, Victims and Traders , and Surprising the Slug .


Inimitable law professor Bernard Brown gives his views on law reform, literature and politics in sharply observant poems and short stories from seven decades of a remarkable life .

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