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Sir Edmond Hillary says "Ged Maybury tells it like it is - enormous fun, but beware the dangers."

It's going to be another fun weekend for the group of teenage friends - going snowcaving in the southern mountains. Then small mistakes begin to multiply into disasters.

Ged Maybury writes with great good humour and tells of an adventure that is only too believable. It's a story for those who love the challenges of the outdoors, and also for those who wonder what they would do if faced with life or death decisions.

About the author

Ged Maybury has been writing stories for children and young adults for nearly 30 years.


Kiwi teenagers getting into trouble in a challenging, dangerous mountain environment.

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I am Leatherman

I am Leatherman

Author: Ged Maybury

Paperback:176 mm x 111 mm

Pages: 149

Language: English

ISBN: 9780908561858

Date of publication: April 2001


Children & Young Adult