About the book

Five days after Christmas and this looked like D-Day. Kate just knows what's going to happen. Dad and Mum will decide the sea's calm enough for them to all sail across Cook Strait for the family holiday in the

Marlborough Sounds and on to Nelson/ Becky will show off because she knows what to do, and Hattie will go below and suck her thumb because she doesn't. And she, Kate, will be sick sick sick because she always is.

But what happens is very different.

Strange Company is indeed what the family sails into, in this exciting story set in today's Sounds and D'Urville Island. Excellent characterisation adds to the suspense of this authentic adventure, and a glossary of yachting terms helps give an inside story.  

About the author

Helen Beaglehole knows what she is writing about. With her three children and husband Tim she has sailed Cook Strait many times in the family yacht, Cape Resolution. She knows what can happen in small yachts - and even in the best of families.

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The Family Album

The Family Album

Author: Helen Beaglehole

Paperback: 190 mm x 130 mm

Pages: 149

Publisher: Cape Catley Ltd

Language: English

ISBN: 9780908561582

Date of publication: April 1997

Price: $14.99

Fiction, Children & Young Adult