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An eccentric great-uncle, a story-telling grandfather, and unconsciously story-telling mother, various yarn-spinning deer-cullers, fishermen, boozers in pubs and priests in pulpits all helped give birth to Uncle Trev, who has already appeared in various publications and broadcasts. This is his first collection.

Storylines award for much loved book for 2012.

  About the author

Jack Lasenby has been a teacher, deer culler, possum trapper, editor of the School Journal, lecturer in English, and a writer for adults, children and literate dogs. He enjoys a monkish life in the well-known writers' colony of Paremata, spending much of his time shaking his fist at obnoxious tourists and barking at seagulls. He has received numerous awards for his writing.


The inimitable and quintessential Uncle Trev's first collection.

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