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Here are Old Tip and Old Toot, Gotta Henry and the Rawleighs Man and the Institute and Mum herself - redoubtable Mum who was doing everything years before girls could do anything. And always there's Uncle Trev entertaining the sick child with yet another timeless tale, tall as the mountains and wide as Trev's own heart.

About the author

Jack Lasenby has been a teacher, deer culler, possum trapper, editor of the School Journal, lecturer in English, and a writer for adults, children and literate dogs. He enjoys a monkish life in the well-known writers' colony of Paremata, spending much of his time shaking his fist at obnoxious tourists and barking at seagulls. He has received numerous awards for his writing.


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Uncle Trev

Uncle Trev

Author: Jack Lasenby

Paperback, 159 pages

ISBN: 9780908561308

Year of Publication: May 1995

Price: $12.99

Children & Young Adult


Uncle Trev & tthe Treaty of Waitangi

Uncle Trev and the Treaty of Waitangi

Author: Jack Lasenby

Paperback, 170 pages

ISBN: 0-908561-94-6

Year of Publication:

Out of Print