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Bernard Brown has two claims to fame. His mother was the world's oldest Girl Guide, and he may be the only New Zealand writer who bears an arrow wound. That's it, really.

The stories and poems in Unspeakable Practices are drawn from his continuing love affairs with the cultures in which he feels at home - particularly places very close to home. Well, there's also the fact that for 50 years he has researched and taught law, mainly at Auckland University but also in Singapore, Australia, Papua New Guinea and England.

About the author

Bernard Brown has taught law to many upper echelon judges and QCs, and politicians, including former prime ministers and governor generals. His interest in writing led to involvement with PEN and the New Zealand Society of Authors, where he was instrumental in setting up for writers a free legal inquiries and complaints service, known as Portnoys. His books include Fashion of Law in New Guinea, Crime and the Law, Sensible Sinning, and the verse collections, Victims and Traders , and Surprising the Slug .


Parables of rumbling disgust in verse, stories and sketches from someone close to the pulses of law reform, literature and politics in New Zealand since 1962.

Also by Bernard Brown
Sensible Sinning

Sensible Sinning

by Bernard Brown


Publisher: Cape Catley Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-877340-20-8

Price: $29.99

Publication: November 2008