About the book

What Happened that Night is a suspense novel set in today's Sydney and New Zealand. Abigail is 16. Everyone is against her, at home and at school, and it isn't even her fault. She's at her most stroppy when she's packed off for a few weeks to Lower Hutt to stay with her mysterious New Zealand grandmother, Phoebe Moon - who was found as a baby on a beach one night, and ended up in an orphanage so shocking it's hard to believe it could be true.

Abigail wants to be a writer. She may as well practise on these strange new relatives. But in what she thinks of as 'exile' she discovers characters more fully human in their predicaments than any she though up in her own writing.

She becomes entangled in the nightmare of the orphanage and in what happened that night when Phoebe left her childhood behind forever.

About the author

Heather Marshall is a fiction writer, moving dexterously between literature for adults and young adults. Her writing is often focused on the lives of girls and women, set against historical events in New Zealand. Her fiction has been extensively adapted for radio broadcast.


A suspense thriller with vivid characterisation, and a strong plot as Abigail discovers what life was life for her grandmother in a Lower Hutt orphanage in the 1940s.

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