THE PRICE OF BACON by Jeanette Aplin


(Cape Catley Ltd, pb, $29.99)

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STRATFORD PRESS, Monday 27 June. 5 recent reads
Review by David Reed
Alpin has previously written about her life as the wife of a lighthouse keeper and now, in this book, she recounts living a frontier-style life with her husband and family on D'Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds. And she does a marvellous job of revealing the joys and difficulties of such a lifestyle.
Alpin acknowledges that she's a sook when it comes to animals, and this attitude is strongly evident in her stories about raising a kunekune pig.

With her husband often away working, the author is mostly on her own on D'Urville with her animals - a lifestyle
upon which she and her children appear to thrive. Alpin deserves high marks for writing a thoroughly enjoyable book on a highly unusual subject.