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BEST BOOKS OF 2009, Waikato Times, Saturday, Januray 9 2010

My two stand-outs from this year's batch of review books both have Kiwi connections. An Improper Daughter by Ruth Jones leaves an enduring emotional imprint. New Zealand is now home for the author who wrote this remarkable autobiography in her seventies. It tells of her seven-decade quest to find and forge a permanent link with her birth mother. Abandoned as a baby, and surviving a childhood almost devoid of affection, she emerges as a stoic, spirited and intelligent woman. Her story doesn't need - and isn't given - embellishment. She tells it with powerful and poignant simplicity, leting the cold, hard facts speak volumes. Her improper mother's best legacy is her admirable, courageous and astonishingly well-balanced daughter.

- Bronwyn Dorreen


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